Anew Skin Care Explained


Our Anew range of skin care regimes are designed to care for skin at any stage of life. We breakdown your choice of cleansers, moisturisers and eye creams across the range of Anew, including reviews. Find out which suits your skin and then take your skin care to the next level with Anew Essential Super Serum, clinically shown to boost the results of your Anew anti-ageing moisturiser.*

*Based on clinical moisturisation studies with ANEW creams. ANEW Essential Super Serum has not been tested with Platinum and Clinical.

Protection on the Daily

Start your day fully hydrated and protected against sun damage and other environmental aggressors.

30+ Vitale Day Cream with Sunscreen

Helps fight signs of stress and fatigue on surface skin, and helps to provide a matte, non-oily finish.
“This cream is so lovely light and fragranced just right. Leaves no residue or oily feeling. Only a refreshed and revitalized feeling! Love it!”
Shaz24, Brisbane, Australia

40+ Reversalist Complete Renewal Day Cream SPF 15

Helps skin to look renewed and hydrated throughout the day.
“A smooth cream which feels light and creamy on the face and doesn’t sting at all. Great one Avon.”
Josie, Putney, Australia

50+ Ultimate Multi-performance Day Cream SPF15

High-performance moisturiser. Helps make skin appear cushioned, more elastic and youthful.
“This product has made a real difference. Age spots are fading, my skin tone is more even… and my self esteem has improved!”
Nicola, NSW, Australia

Mature SKIN – Platinum Day Cream with Sunscreen

Breakthrough formula with Avon exclusive Paxillium Technology helps sagging skin on the neck appear firmer, and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and replenished.
“A great product worth its price. It keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated. I did not suffer from dry skin all day long. It also keeps my skin smooth but not oily or greasy. I’m really satisfied though I have not seen that my wrinkles are reduced. Its worth a wait though!”
Lucinda via beautyheaven, Australia

Night Recovery

While you sleep your skin goes into repair mode, reversing damage caused by free radicals and environmental toxins. This is a perfect time to give your body a hand with revitalising your skin.

30+ Vitale Night Cream

Works overnight to help reduce the signs of stress and fatigue that lead to premature ageing of the skin.
“This cream is very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling very silky.”
Birdie, Melbourne, Australia

40+ Reversalist Complete Renewal Night Cream

Rich cream works overnight to help renew the look of your skin.
“I’ve just started using the ANEW REVERSALIST creams and I can see a reduction in my forehead wrinkles after only a week of using it. Highly recommend!”
Sandrav, Belgrave, Australia

50+ Ultimate Multi-performance Night Cream

Formulated with an Avon first, Celluvive Complex with tiliacora – a legendary Asian plant known for its nutritional benefits. This prestige ultra-moisturising night cream helps to relieve tired skin and diminish the signs of ageing. Use: PM after cleansing.
“Have been using this product now for two weeks and although its early days the product is lovely to use, I am also using the day cream and eye cream and I have ordered another lot for when I run out. I think in time I will see an improvement in my skin. Really enjoying these products.”
Rene, Dunedin, New Zealand

Mature Skin – Platinum Night Cream

Silky-smooth night cream with Paxillium technology helps to drape skin in a veil of plush softness.
“I have been using Anew Platinum night cream since it was introduced and here is the “cross-my-heart” truth: I am 80 years old (81 in July) and people can’t believe the “look” of my skin: face neck and chest! I would gladly send you a picture and seriously, I only use Anew; both day cream and night cream and the Anew makeup. You can check my order records and quote me. This stuff really works!!!!!!!!”
Joni, San Diego, USA

The Eyes have it!

Your eyes are the window to your soul so treat this delicate area with care.

All Ages – Clinical Infinite Lift Dual Eye System

Tighten, define, firm and contour for an instant visible eye lift. Helps restore a youthful lifted look to the entire eye area – even above the brow!
Lifting gel for upper eye and above the brow area. Intensive cream for outer corner and under-eye areas.
“The cream for under the eye area is really nice, it leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and for me, more hydration means my wrinkles and lines don’t appear as bad. I’ve noticed a reduction in puffiness under my eyes too. I give this the thumbs up.”
Birdie, Melbourne VIC

30+ Vitale Eye Gel Cream

Helps fight the signs of stress and fatigue around the entire eye area.
“I swear by this product i use it twice a day i feel a huge difference if i don’t use it this is my fav thing to use at the moment.”
Melza25, Melbourne VIC

40+ Reversalist Complete Renewal Express Dual Eye System

Instantly brightens the eye area. Over time the look of lines and wrinkles around the eyes virtually disappears.
“I use the product every morning after cleansing and before make-up. Out of the many, many products I have tried over the past several years, I have found this product to be the most effective at the surprisingly most reasonable price.”
Felicia, New Jersey USA

50+ Ultimate Multi-performance Dual Eye System

This targeted dual-eye system treatment is new and improved to deliver amazing results.
Our network of experts at the Avon Skin Care Institute discovered a link between damage build-up in skin cells and cellular ageing. Avon’s exclusive Celluvive Complex helps deliver ageless looking skin.
“I love this product! I use the main eye cream for day and then at night, add the second product in the lid for an extra nighttime boost of moisture. And it lasts forever, probably 3 jars a year. I’ve tried the newest and latest things and always go back to this one. Highly recommend!”
Angela, Nashville USA

Mature Skin – Platinum Eye & Lip Cream

A breakthrough so advanced it helps redefine the appearance of eyes and lips for a more youthful look.
“Great product ! It treats as well as prevents new wrinkles.”
Karin, Temecula USA

Beautifully Cleansed Skin

Anew cleansers help to optimise the benefits of your Anew skin care regimen, leaving skin feeling softer and smoother.

30+ Vitale Cleanser

Nourishing cleanser gently removes impurities and helps refine the look of skin’s texture for visibly smoother skin. Suitable for all skin types.
“I’ve got to the end of my tube of this and I’ll be buying another. I have found it very mild on my skin, no irritation or dryness, and it is effective at removing make-up, including mascara. It’s never stung my eyes, has a nice sweet, almost fruity fragrance and only foams mildly which is nice.”
Margaret759 via beautyheaven, Australia

40+ Reversalist Complete Renewal Cleanser

A fast-foaming creamy cleanser formulated to help optimise the benefits of the Reversalist regimen.
“I have been using this cleanser for over 4 months now…and from the first time I used this face wash, I noticed a renewed softness and glow to my face and neck. I love the gentle lather and the scent is just right. Creamy to the touch too. I highly recommend this to you ladies and all my sisters use it with same results. Thanks Avon.”
Christine42, Cairnlea, Australia

50+ Ultimate Multi-performance Cleanser

Cleanses skin of dirt, oil and impurities while reinforcing skin’s moisture barrier.
“A great cream cleanser, which cleans your skin without leaving skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. Other cleansers I’ve used have had me running to get moisturiser on as quickly as possible!”
J9maree, Hamilton, New Zealand

Mature Skin – Platinum Cleanser

Rich-textured, creamy lotion leaves skin feeling softer
and looking more youthful.
“Not typically a fan of cream cleansers, I am impressed. It is so mild, doesn’t irritate is very effective at cleaning off makeup. It doesn’t leave a residue when rinsed off with water.”
Birdie, Melbourne, Australia

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