An audience with Eva Mendes


International film star and the face of Eve Duet,
Eva Mendes has achieved a great deal in her career. She sat down
with Avon to discuss womanhood, fragrance and entrepreneurship:

Tell us about your partnership with Avon. What excites you the most?

I’m very excited about my partnership with Avon! I grew up with Avon, my aunt was an Avon lady, so it has always been very familiar to me. I’ve always loved what it stands for. Avon has always been very empowering to women. My family didn’t come from much, so the few beauty products that my mother did have were Avon products because they were so accessible. I believe the brand still stands for that now and I love to be a part of that.

How would you describe the Eve Duet fragrance? What do you love about it?

I love Eve Duet because I get to mix and to combine two different fragrances to make an endless creation of what scent may work for me at any given moment. I’ve always liked to mix my fragrances, but I haven’t always done it successfully since I haven’t mixed the right combinations. Now I have these two amazing fragrances that work so well together. One is very radiant, more floral and more romantic, and the other one is more sensual. The combination of both of them together in any way you choose is so wonderful. You really can just keep going with it and create what works for you in any specific moment, which is really exciting for me.

Women wear so many hats. Can you tell us about the complexity of women and how you manage your own roles?

Like all women, I like to think of myself as complex and just wearing many hats. I think that’s the beauty of being a person, obviously, but a woman in today’s world does everything! We’ve always done everything, we really do it all. We have so many different roles throughout our day as a mother, businesswoman, daughter, friend, wife, I mean, the list goes on and on, and I just find it really exciting that we have a fragrance that we can find different combinations, different mixes to help express those many different roles we play.

How do you hope women feel when wearing Eve Duet?

I would hope that women love Eve Duet as much as I do and I hope that women have as much fun making these creations as I do. Because it really is about, again, self-expression and this should all be really fun. I think people forget that. In the beauty world, sometimes you forget that if it’s not fun we shouldn’t be doing it! If it’s not something we have a good time doing, other people would read that and the point is this is not rocket science. This is to feel good and to express yourself and I hope women just remember that.

You are very entrepreneurial, as are the millions of representatives who sell for Avon. What tips can you give them to inspire them to achieve their goals?

I actually was in retail for a good portion of my life since I started working at 15 years old. I worked retail for I guess maybe 10, 15 years. I found that I was the happiest, most successful in the retail world when I really believed in what I was selling. There were times that I didn’t believe in what I was selling and it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like I was actually doing something that I enjoyed because I wasn’t believing in the product. The advice that I can give is just, again, have fun, that’s a common theme, but I feel you really need to get to know the product, believe in it, and the selling part is the easy part.

All about Eve

Eve Duet is a beautifully simple concept. Each end of the Eve Duet bottle contains a different fragrance, each with a different olfactive profile and a different mood. Because both fragrances share the same flowers at their heart – an exotic Amazon Water Lily and the delicately powerful Jasmine – they work in beautiful harmony when worn together, so that no matter how you blend them, the resulting scent is beautifully harmonious and perfectly feminine. The combination possibilities are endless! Try spraying each scent in equal proportions, or increasing the ratio of the scent with the notes you'd like to enhance. The final fragrance launch for Avon in Australia and New Zealand, this fragrance is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, as its many scent options reflect the multifaceted personalities of mothers everywhere. After all, you’re more than just one woman. Why shouldn’t you have more than just one scent?

“I love that I can wear each fragrance separately, or mix them together for a totally new scent.” -Eva Mendes

THE KEY - shared middle notes 
“What makes these fragrances special is that, in the heart of each one of the scents, they share the same flowers – an exotic Amazon water lily that transforms colour and scent from dawn to dusk, and delicate yet powerful jasmine that evolves its scent from luminous and vibrant by day, to warm and seductive by night. Because the fragrances have a shared heart, they work in beautiful harmony when worn together. Also, since the fragrances can be layered in any combination, the fragrance possibilities are truly infinite.”

– Jean-Marc Chaillan, IFF Master Perfumer


Between April 11th and May 2nd, 2018, every bottle of Eve Duet purchased from Avon Australia and New Zealand will come with a FREE gift worth over $76 NZ/$63 AU. Your exclusive Eve Duet Mother’s Day gift includes…

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