Create Your Signature Scent!


Fragrance combining. Scent layering. Sweet smelling perfection. The allure of a signature scent is undeniable – just ask today’s celebrities and style icons! Not sure where to start with this delicate art? We spoke with Avon’s resident Fragrance Category Manager, Larisa Okhrimenko to find out the best way to layer fragrance and to create a truly signature scent.

Why layer your scent?

Well, because YOU are unique! There is no-one like you. Layering your scent is all about self-exploration and creativity. Switch on your senses, tune into how you want to feel and who you want to be today!

How do you layer scents?FR3731

First of all, you have to know what to layer because if you don’t, the results can be not how you want them to be. Actually, there are collections of fragrances designed to be mixed/layered to customise your scent. Our new fragrance collection, Scent Essence, perfectly addresses this trend. It contains three fragrances where each scent is focused on one simple main note – Bergamot, Raspberry and Lotus – and these can be worn alone or layered in 4 different combinations. You can mix all of them or any two and create a new fragrance impression.

What’s the best way to apply fragrance?

We all know about pulse points on our neck and wrists but not everybody knows about a secret pulse point on the back of the knees. During hot days, this trick allows the scent to rise up over time. Works perfectly for summer especially with Scent Essence. Think about it – a refreshing scent of Lemon or Raspberry can bring you back to life in a second!

Any last tips?

Play around, be creative and find the perfect signature scent that feels like YOU. Whenever you go to the office or are preparing for a date, fragrance can be your best collaborator/team player. Glamorous, sporty or sensual? Keep exploring and play around with fragrances. Life is your stage every day! Run your show and enjoy!

A signature scent announces your entrance and lingers well after your exit. Ready to start creating? Why not try our NEW Scent Essence range. Three playfully, captivating fragrances you can combine to custom make your signature scent! Delightful and dynamic when worn alone, these 3 are specifically designed to be blended and are at their best when they’re lushly layered in beautiful combinations.