Priming – A Note From an Artist

Avon Insider

Prime Your Canvas!

“Priming a canvas before starting to paint is much like priming before applying makeup.”

Priming a canvas smoothens out the surface and ensures that the successive layers of paint stick better. When priming our face before applying makeup, we help smoothen out areas with deeper pores and fine lines. It also assists the makeup in not only having a better finish, but also lasting longer. You can almost eliminate the buildup of makeup that appears on your eyelids when wearing eye shadow as well – which is a great bonus!

For the launch of AVON’s new LUXE Fabulous Finish Primer, a watercolour class was arranged. Beauty bloggers and fashionistas were present at the event, and the creative juices were flowing.

When working with this medium, it is important to prime the area of the paper you will be working with using clean water first. This creates a foundation for the pigments in the paint to do their thing.

I personally love the slightly pearly finish that the LUXE Fabulous Finish Primer provides. It vaguely shines through the foundation, leaving the skin with a beautiful glow without being too sparkly. I also experienced a noticeable increase in the time that my makeup lasts when using the primer rather than just a normal moisturizer before applying foundation. It’s all about preparing the surface, ladies!


Xx Martine Thomassen


Written by Martine Thomassen, Norwegian oil painter, for Avon Products Pty. Limited

Website: // Instagram: @ms_thomassen