Q&A with Kenzo Takada


 What was your main inspiration for Avon Life?

I wanted to create a fragrance that would reflect my multicultural identity, with no cultural or geographical boundaries; a scent that travels across every nation. I want women and men from every culture to identify with the scent, so having a global sensibility was very important to me.

How is the process of creating a fragrance similar to designing a fashion collection?

In fashion, I’ve always been very forward thinking. I break the rules and trust my instinct to take me to the right place. I bring this same attitude to everything I create, including Avon Life.


How has the internet changed the way you seek inspiration and discover new things?

There’s no replacement for seeing, touching, hearing and smelling in person. It’s important for me to go to new places for inspiration, to meet the people, eat the food and smell the culture.

How do you hope someone feels when he/she wears your fragrance?

When you wear a fragrance it should never be too heavy; it should always be fresh and light. It should bring joy and happiness. Think of a really sunny day in the summer with no work or agenda. Avon Life brings a bit of confidence, beauty and sensuality; an everyday sense of empowerment. The fragrance has no borders, so whether you’re at work or relaxing at home, the scent is perfect.

“My journey in this world has a beautiful purpose. Where my path takes me, I am ready to go. Ready to experience the adventure of each new day – its colours, its energy, its joys. No matter where my destination is, I’m inspired by the journey. ” – Kenzo Takada