“You don’t always need a brand new molecule or ingredient. Sometimes what it takes to create the next industry-changing innovation is looking at existing technologies in a brand new way.”
-Lisa Gallo, Avon Vice President and Global Head of Categories Product Development, Strategic Brands and Consumer Product Design, Research and Development

It’s the age-old dilemma, whether you’re talking diet, exercise, hair care or skin care – you start a new regimen and everything’s looking rosy… until you hit the plateau. Your weight loss stalls, your muscle gains slow, your hair stops responding to that volume-boosting shampoo, and – horror of horrors – you spot a wrinkle or two peeking through despite your religious use of day and night creams. It seems that after an initial period of success, if you keep doing the same thing for too long, your body adapts and your results begin to slow down – but is this really what’s happening, or is it all in our head?

Certainly, for diet and exercise programs, there’s merit to the thought that your body responds better to variation. Popular programs like the 5:2 Diet, which intersperses intermittent fasting-style days of calorie restriction with regular eating days; and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which involves short bursts of maximum intensity exercise followed by brief periods of low-intensity movement, are praised by devotees and experts alike for their effectiveness in helping subscribers push past the weight loss plateau.



The great minds at the Avon Skin Care Institute, responsible for countless anti-ageing innovations over the last 25 years, decided to investigate whether the efficacy of active ingredients in skin care slows over time – and the results were astounding. Their research concluded that it’s not just perception – it is scientific fact that your skin adjusts to active ingredients, so that your anti-ageing results become less intense and less visible after an initial period of positive change. The solution? It’s revolution. Anthony Gonzalez, Director of Research & Development at the Avon Skincare Institute, summed up the results:

“We observed that, over time, there is a plateauing effect with some skin care active ingredients. What this means for the consumer is that the improvements she sees on her skin slow down and become less noticeable. This can be caused by our skin adapting to these ingredients, slowing improvements over time. Infinite Effects offers a powerful solution to this adaptation – 1 package with 2 distinctly different formulas that you rotate every 7 days.”


Developed over three years and subjected to rigorous consumer testing over a previously unheard-of period of twelve months, ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream is the skin care revolution you’ve been waiting for. The product is dual ended, each end holding a formula based around a different active ingredient. The premise is simple – if you switch up your regimen with a new approach each week, your skin doesn’t have time to adjust, so your results show continual improvement, no plateau in sight.

Formula 1, which you use for seven nights before switching formulas, contains a our exclusive Phyto+ Complex composed of plant-derived phytol and alpha-hydroxy acids to exfoliate, replenish and prepare your skin for maximum repair.
Formula 2, containing Super-Retinol Complex, is then applied for the next seven nights to deliver intense repair that improves upon multiple signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration. At this point, your skin will need the nourishment and replenishment of Formula 1, so you’ll rotate back to that for another seven nights before continuing the rotation. The result of this unique formula rotation? Continuous improvement on your ageing signs that’s more effective than the gold standard anti-ageing ingredient, Retinol, alone.*

“For a long time pure Retinol has been considered to be the best cosmetic treatment for wrinkles. With Infinite Effects you can get better results, and results that intensify over time.”
-Anthony Gonzalez, Director of Research & Development, Avon Skincare Institute

The twelve-month clinical study of 120 women stands as testament to the efficacy of both Avon’s Proprietary Rotational Technology and these two active ingredient complexes. After just two weeks, 84% of women saw an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,** while after 4 weeks, 90% of women agreed that their anti-ageing results had visibly improved each week.** Need to see it to believe it? We don’t blame you. Here are the astonishing results of ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects over 12 months’ consistent use – no photoshop required.


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*Based on 6 month comparative clinical testing against Leading Anti-Aging technology – Retinol.
**Based on those who expressed an opinion in a 12-month consumer study.