Introducing Skin So Soft: The New Look



Skin So Soft

Skin So Soft is Avon’s most enduring and loved brand. Launched in 1961, it is still one of your favourite ranges 56 years later and to continue its impact on the next generation, we’ve given it a refreshing new look. The formulas you know and trust remain, but in elegant, modern packaging which we are very excited to reveal!

So make space in your bathroom as Skin So Soft products are timeless and will leave skin touchably soft. Take a look below and read more about the whole range, plus see how the range has gradually evolved.



Skin So Soft’s Original Bath Oil is known for its use of jojoba oil. Derived from the jojoba bean, it helps create a protective barrier to lock moisture and essential nutrients deep into the skin meaning immediate softer and smoother skin. With it’s fresh, herbal scent, why not double up and use it as a post-shower moisturiser?
The Silky Moisture range contains argan oil, known to help restore skin’s essential moisture, leaving your skin looking and feeling deeply nourished and hydrated on application. Products include Hand Cream, Hand and Body Lotion, Creamy Body Wash.

The tightness-promoting collagen protector complex in our Skin So Soft collagen range helps to protect skin by maintaining current levels of collagen, resulting in increased elasticity, hydration and radiance. Products include: Beauty Bar Soap Hand and Body Lotion.

Our Skin So Soft Stem Essence Hand and Body Lotion is formulated with revolutionary apple stem cell complex. Inspired by the incredible self-regeneration abilities of the apple, it helps promote skin’s ability to repair itself – leaving it looking younger and more beautiful.

Our much-loved In Shower Body Lotion cleverly uses the warmth and humidity of your shower to help lock in deep, lasting moisture. Boasting jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamins A and E, it nourishes without the fuss of a post-shower moisturiser, rinsing cleanly so you can get on with your day.


Skin So Soft’s Fresh & Smooth Facial Hair Remover contains shea butter, a natural moisturiser known for anti-oxidant benefits. It also contains soothing yeast extract and Odour Supressing Technology for a pleasant scent.

Skin So Soft’s Supreme Nourishment range uses the power of macadamia nut oiol to help relieve dry skin. Not only does it instantly make skin look and feel intensely moisturised and supple, it helps restore skin’s natural barrier aiding in the long-lasting retention of moisture.

The Supreme Nourishment range includes our Skin So Soft Triple Phase Body Oil. This fantastic oil works with a tri-layered formula for a deep level of softness. Perfect for extra dry skin, a signature blend of powerful oils locks in moisture for all-day hydration.

Layer 1 – Provides nourishing essential oils that act like skin’s natural oils

Layer 2 – Protects skin and helps lock in moisture to keep skin feeling conditioned

Layer 3 – Moisture-boosting layer to hydrate skin


See how Skin So Soft has evolved through the years!