A moment of JOY… Viva La Vita


French fragrance house Firmenich is one of the most well-recognised names in the olfactory world, responsible for some of the most revered scents of all time across prestige brands including YSL, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. They also have a long history with Avon as the noses behind some of our most iconic and well-loved scents including Femme and Cherish.

VIVA LA VITA is the latest product of this fruitful partnership, created by Elise Benat and Harry Fremont, who were inspired to formulate a natural and well-balanced creation evoking joy, happiness and optimism. By fusing lively, fresh and joyful notes with an addictive base and a highlight of French mimosa essence, they have created a beautiful scent that radiates feelings of vitality and freedom of expression, for the woman who throws caution to the wind and takes control, living her life for every joyous moment.

Viva La Vita by Avon Fragrance Notes
Viva la Vita by Avon EDP

"I am a passionate gardener and I imagined cultivating the best flowers that anyone could. I dreamed of composing it by picking bright and voluminous flowers, making it a huge floral bouquet. This inspired my creation for Viva La Vita, a big, beautiful bouquet of the most exquisite flowers."

Viva La Vita - Avon - Harry Fremont, Master Perfumer, Firmenich