Welcome To Beauty For A Purpose

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Welcome to Beauty for a Purpose — we’re so glad you found us. Why? Because we have a message and we need your help spreading it.

But first, let’s go back to the beginning. The year was 1886 — and it was a very inspiring year. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York Harbour. People travelled to the city in droves to see the 150-foot monument — a symbol of both freedom and friendship — unveiled.

It was also the same year that an enterprising young man named David McConnell established a small direct-to-consumer fragrance company in New York. That company — now known as Avon — has become one of the most recognised beauty brands in the 125+ years since. What’s behind the success? Our Avon Representatives. From just a handful of women, Avon has grown into one of the biggest beauty companies in the world, with over 6 million Representatives making a life on the beauty they love and helping build a more beautiful world.

Which brings us to today. Beauty For A Purpose is a new way of talking about an idea that’s always been a part of Avon’s story: The world needs more empowered women. We need more women who can not only dream big, but also have a means of turning those big dreams into a reality. Because we know the most important driver of women’s empowerment is financial independence. According to the World Economic Forum, at our current rate, women will not achieve economic parity with men until the year 2095. We think that’s too long to wait. Let’s make change happen — and let’s make it happen soon.

So, this is where we hope you’ll come to find inspiration to be a part of the movement. The stories and videos you’ll find on beautyforapurpose.com.au are designed to spark conversations and ignite imaginations. We hope you’ll share them with your friends on Facebook, talk about these important issues in your clubs and boardrooms, and dare to see yourself as part of this better future.

Remember: Empowerment is the destination, beauty is the journey.

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