Hot on the heels of 25 years of innovation comes the Avon Skin Care Institute’s latest game-changer. In 1992, Avon revolutionised the mass skin care market by becoming the first brand to make alpha-hydroxy acids widely available. Now, in 2018, we are pioneering another skin care revolution.

ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream is the world’s first anti-ageing night cream that rotates to help push you past the skin care plateau. The product’s Proprietary Rotational Technology sees two separate formulas in one tube, rotated after 7 nights of use to provide more intense results on signs of ageing. Even better, the results are clinically proven to continue improving, month on month, for up to a year.



Each formula contains a different active ingredient complex with a different purpose. Formula 1 is driven by Phyto+ Complex, a combination of plant-derived phytol and alpha-hydroxy acids including glycolic acid. 7 nights’ use helps to replenish your skin and prepare it for maximum repair. Upon switching to Formula 2, driven by Super Retinol Complex, your skin will experience seven nights of intense repair. Rotated per instruction, these formulas provide a cycle of anti-ageing results better than pure retinol – widely recognised as the number 1 dermatologist-recommended anti-ageing ingredient.*


While a day cream with SPF is essential in any skin care regimen, often night creams are looked upon as unnecessary expenses – which couldn’t be further from the truth. As our skin does most of its renewing and regenerating overnight, it’s the best time to use active ingredients targeted at preventing and reversing the appearance of an ageing complexion. Night creams as a result often have stronger anti-ageing benefits than their daytime counterparts, and when matching day and night formulations are used as a regimen, they complement each other beautifully.


It’s simple. ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream simply replaces your everyday night cream and switches seamlessly into your routine. If you use a serum, elixir or essence, continue to use that as you normally would on cleansed skin, and then once it has absorbed, apply ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects. Remember to switch formulas every 7 days for maximum benefit.


ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects launched in the UK late last year to a waitlist of 30,000 women, withBritish Vogue featuring the product in a series of anti-ageing articles alongside competitors including Lancome and L’Oreal Paris. The product underwent a twelve-month trial on 120 women, who – according to the Avon Skin Care Institute’s Director of Research and Development, Anthony Gonzalez – looked younger at the end of the trial than they did at the start. Here at Avon Australia and New Zealand, we conducted our own four-week trial with Associates, Representatives and influencers – here’s what we found…

– 83% found it easy or very easy to remember to switch formulas each week**
– 94% noticed a change in their skin after using the product for four weeks**
– 86% saw continual improvement in their skin over the four weeks**
– 86% plan on repurchasing once their first bottle runs out**

“ From the first use my skin felt highly moisturised and nourished upon waking. Over the four week trial period I have seen a visible reduction in fine lines, especially on my forehead.”
— Katharine Aitken, Avon Associate

“I loved the feel of the product. My skin tone has become more even, and my jowls are less noticeable after 4 weeks of use.”
— Louise Ryan, Avon President’s Club Representative

“I was lucky enough to trial the new Avon ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Cream for the last couple of months now! The results speak volumes to me! I have absolutely loved the way my skin has felt using this beautiful product, and most importantly it has helped soften my fine lines! What sets this night cream apart from the rest is that it is rotated every 7 days to avoid skin adjusting, such a brilliant concept! This is definitely a must have product in your beauty cabinet.”
– Stacey Rose, Instagram influencer @staceyrose_photography


For a limited time only, in celebration of the launch of ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects you’ll receive a beauty gift pack valued at $123 NZ $101 AU that will help get your new anti-ageing regimen underway. If you purchase the ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream for just $60 before March 21, 2018, you’ll get the following free…
– An ANEW Reversalist Complete Renewal Day Cream
– A Luxe Soft Silk Eye Liner Pencil in Black
– A Luxe Couture Crème Lipstick in Designer Red***
– An ANEW cosmetic bag

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*Based on a 6 month comparative clinical test against the leading anti-ageing technology – retinol.
**Based on those who expressed an opinion in a 4-week study.